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Auto Repairs



For over 20 years, we have been providing quality and affordable auto repair. We have invested in the latest computers, software and scanners to repair today’s vehicles. We do all automotive repairs on virtually any vehicle. 



Here at Tires & Tailpipes we do it all! Not only are we here for you when your car is in need of repair we also try our best to educate you on when your car needs to see a mechanic and what you can do to make your car last as long as possible. Check out these videos and articles that we participated in. 

Why is my service engine light on?

Your engine is controlled by numerous electronic sensors that provide information to your vehicle's engine control module (ECM). From those readings your ECM determines the most efficient operation of your vehicle. When your check engine light comes on there has been a fault in one of the sensors, therefore your vehicle's engine runs less efficiently.

Why don't my tires wear evenly?

Mis-alignment and worn suspension parts.

What’s your premier service?

Tires and Exhaust.

What do customers need the most help with?

Getting their car fixed and getting it fixed right.

What’s your busiest time of year?

Summer from May - August for AC repair.

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